Dentistry in San Diego

Kristine Beitey

"It was the best visit I have ever had to the dentist. I was treated great, able to relax and get my treatment pain free. Everyone in the office is very polite and professinal. I felt they truly listened to my concerns. The Dr. explained everything clearly. I am a very satisfied patient and will return."

Anthony Cam

The staff were very helpful and friendly. The hygienist was awesome, very nice and did a spectacular job. Dr. Le is really nice, generous and does excellent work. The entire office is very aesthetically pleasing as well, there are beautiful paintings in every patient room.

Steve H

"This is the best dentist I have had in 65 years, I like many people don"t look forward to a trip to the dentist, but it seems to me that this is about as good as it gets."

Chon Quevedo

"I am happy that the Doctor was able to sechedule me in ahead of my planned visit".

Azalia Flores

"I love this place...everybody is very friendly! =) I've been here a few times and all were great experiences"

John L

"The dentist, hygientist, and rest of the staff are all very polite, gentle, and professional. Going to the dentist office is not my favorite thing to do, but for the last 5 years, and especially this last year, going to this dental office has not stressed me out at all; and I have had a moderate amout of dental work this last year."